Our Team


Dr. Janice Gilbert, PhD

Dr. Janice M. Gilbert is the founder and executive director of the Invasive Phragmites Control Centre. Dr. Gilbert received her PhD in the Environmental Science Program at Ohio State University and has over 10 years experience in researching, monitoring, and managing invasive Phragmites. Dr. Gilbert established the Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG) in 2011, has contributed to the the development of Ontario’s Invasive Phragmites Best Management Practices (BMP) and Roadside BMP documents and is frequently contacted to provide guidance on Provincial Government related documents. Dr. Gilbert has managed Phragmites control programs, developed management plans and provided site specific control advice to numerous entities throughout Ontario including Provincial and National Parks, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Bruce Power, Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, lake‐side communities, First Nations, NGOs, cities, community organizations and private individuals.


Graham Howell, MSc

Graham completed his undergraduate degree in Environment and Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo. Graham completed his Master of Science (MSc) degree in Biology at The University of Waterloo while exploring the impact of invasive Phragmites on resident wetland systems within the Long Point region. Prior to joining the IPCC, Graham has worked with the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) in Long Point and has worked in many Great Lakes coastal wetland environments studying and helping to control invasive Phragmites. In his spare time, Graham enjoys long walks along beaches that are NOT infested with invasive Phragmites.

The 2018 Cutting Crew.  Left to right: Josh George, Bev Cloud, Chad McKeown, Tanner Kimpel.

The 2018 Cutting Crew. Left to right: Josh George, Bev Cloud, Chad McKeown, Tanner Kimpel.