Programs and Services

The IPCC provides the expertise and services needed to undertake all aspects of a control program including: production of educational materials, signage, information sessions, training workshops, management plan development, site specific control, monitoring, reporting, early detection rapid response program establishment and long term management.


Education and training Workshops

Our team will deliver presentations to exterior groups related to Phragmites biology, control methods, and services of the IPCC. We will also run training workshops aimed at educating and empowering local groups to control Phragmites in their own manner.


Site ASsessment and MANAGEMENT plan development

Our team will visit your site and assess the Phragmites. We will then develop a treatment plan tailored to your site using the variety of control methods at our disposal.


Phragmites control

The IPCC employs a variety of control methods, including herbicide application, cutting to drown using Truxor machines, cutting to drown using hand cutting machines, and spading using sharpened shovels. For more information on our control methods, visit the “Treatment Methods” tab on the left side of this page.


reporting and long term management

We pride ourselves in our quality of report writing following Phragmites control measures. Following our work, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the work we did, and recommendations for future work.



The IPCC is able to conduct in-depth vegetation and fish monitoring around Phragmites control and restoration.