Our Purpose

“Our mission is to facilitate effective, efficient and environmentally responsible Phragmites control” 

The Invasive Phragmites Control Centre (IPCC) was created in March 2017 to provide responsible solutions for managing Canada’s worst invasive plant. The IPCC is the only organization operating in Ontario that can provide the expertise and services needed to undertake all aspects of a control program including: production of educational materials, signage, information sessions, training workshops, management plan development, site specific control, monitoring, reporting, early detection rapid response program establishment and long term management. The IPCC was established as a not‐for‐profit to enable acquisition of funds from a wide variety of sources to support and allow for the priority specific control action to be undertaken when it is most appropriate for the environment and wildlife. This model also enables all of the critical pieces of an effective control program to be implemented thereby ensuring accountability and long term success.

To meet the above strategic direction, the IPCC is proud to work with several organizations who share many aims and goals with our organization. To learn more about these partner organizations, please visit our Partner Organizations page.